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The Wonderful Bridges "The Rock Bridges" are a rock phenomenon, located in the karst valley of the river Erkyupria in the Western Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria at 1450 m above sea level, at the foot of Golyam Persenk peak.

The bridges were formed as a result of the erosion activity of a flooded river in the past, which transformed the cracks in the marble into a deep water cave, whose ceiling thinned in places and collapsed over time. It is assumed that the debris from the collapse was subsequently carried away by the river.

As a result, the two famous marble bridges remain. The large one is about 15 m wide in the wider parts, almost 100 m long. It consists of three arches, the largest of which is 45 m high and 40 m wide. The small bridge is 200 m from the big one along the river - impassable, 60 m long, with a total height of 50 m, and only on the arch - 30 m. After it there is a very small third bridge, which is an abyssal cave in which the waters of Ercupria disappear to reappear on the surface after 3 km.

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The area around the two bridges is occupied by centuries-old coniferous forests, composed mainly of spruce trees. Both bridges are secured and adapted for tourist purposes. Passing is allowed on and under them.

In the register of protected areas and protected areas in Bulgaria, THE WONDERFUL BRIDGES is a protected area of ​​category: Natural landmark.

There are many caves near the rock phenomenon, but most of them are not suitable for visits by tourists because they are not lit and safe. Nearby are the huts "Wonderful Bridges" and "Rock Bridges".

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Legend has it that the Wonderful Bridges were created. Many years ago there were many shepherds on the land of the village of Zabardo.

It is unknown where a dragon came from and began to ravage their flocks. For many years, shepherds suffered from dragon raids. Finally, they figured out how to outwit him. They loaded a donkey with dust (a dry substance from a wood sponge, which is used to light a fire), set it on fire and sent it against the dragon. The dragon swallowed the donkey along with the dust, which was slowly but surely heating up. The mad dragon desperately tried to escape, eventually finding a small hole in the ground.

Years later, when the dragon's bones rotted, huge arched bridges remained. Thus, according to legend, the Wonderful Bridges appeared.

The Wonderful Bridges

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